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The PoE Outdoor Camera with Canon photo technology consists out of the DRSL Canon Photo Camera with a outdoor case, heating, and cooling fan. All can be powered with Ethernet Network Technology PoE (Power of Ethernet).

All you have to do is provide the power (PoE) and the Internet information. The DRSL Canon Photo Camera connects automatically with our servers if power is available.

Plug and Play. We always have a connection to the camera (VPN, SSL) also without firewall settings.

Data transmission VPN/SSL. With Ethernet connections we transfer images up to normal 18 MB, or 12 MB, 8 MB or small Full HD 3 MB onto our server with a double security system.

Normal lens 18 – 55mm max. 74 degree or wide-angle 10-18 mm 104 degree. Other lens available e.g. 70-300 mm etc.

Outdoor Camera Archiv

Outdoor Camera Archiv

Outdoor Camera Archiv

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Archiv Outdoor Camera

PoE Construction Camera

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Construction Site Webcam

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Ethernet PoE Camera Outdoor

Ethernet PoE Outdoor Foto Webcam

Ethernet PoE Outdoor Foto Webcam

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