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Construction Site Webcam

Our Construction Site Camera with Mobile 4G/5G Internet is clearly superior to any standart IP web camera which is not made for photography but, in most cases, for security.

With its field of vision, excellent brightness, dynamic range, color fidelity and its focus, our remote DSLR construction camera is far ahead of other products. This is why the pictures retain their fascination and persuasive power. Apart of this, logos, textfields and pixelated areas can also be integrated.

You only have to provide us a suitable location for the camera. This will ideally be on a neighboring building or another outbuilding. The camera is equipped with a 18 - 55mm, 74 degree lens. It can optionnally also be used with any other Canon lens (10 - 18mm 104 degrees or even bigger).

We recommend that you connect your WIFI Construction Camera to your private network only as you may be challenged with security issues when using external IT products. This brings us to another big advantage of our product: 95% of our cameras are mobile/cellular 4G construction cameras. Thus, it is not necessary to access “foreign networks“ which means that any security issues can be avoided.

As soon as the camera is installed, we will set up everything for you via remote access. You will then receive 5 image links: original, FullHD, HD, MD and SD image sizes in order to integrate the live images into your website according to your needs.

Your photos will additionnally be safed in a Cloud. They can be easily synchronized via WEBDAV. The data record per month is about 10 - 30 GB which is quite a lot.

Two archive data backup websites with time lapse are also included in our package: A ”VIP” one with the original size images (with password protection) and a public one for marketing purposes with smaller images.

You only need to have a subscription with a mobile data provider with at least 10 GB data volume, connect your camera and it will work...Plug and play!

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Construction Site Webcam Archiv

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Construction Site Timelapse Chanel

Construction Camera Time Lapse

Time Lapse Chanel

Construction Site Timelapse Chanel

Construction Site Camera Timelapse

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