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Cellular Camera 3G / 4G Construction Site Camera with canon eos photo technology 3G (UMTS HSDPA) or 4G LTE are used when there is no internet available on site, and you want 100% security. In this case an internet connection can be produced without time consuming clarifications. At the same time such a connection is 100% secure because no components are installed in foreign networks. You/we organise a DATA SIM Card (no SIM Lock) with at least 5 GB data volume per month and 230V power and away you go !

Because the size of the images will be 4 – 10 MB and all 5 – 30 minutes are made, the data volume must be calculated. We have to assure, that we are staying within the provided facilities (5 GB/p.M).

The image quality of a DSLR Photo Camera is considerably superior to all other webcams .

The Photo Camera solution meets all data protection for Switzerland and Europe.

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