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Solar powered Camera Self Sufficient

Solar powered Camera with Calular 3G 4G Canon EOS are operated with a solar panel with min. 45WP in connection with a back-up battery 36 AH. The calculation of the motherboard, is optimally made to fit the environment. Thanks to the low current consumption of max. 6 Watt, our photo webcam is therefore very inexpensive and self-sufficient to operate. The Solar Webcam has a light sensor, 5 lux (on / off), that saves up for the night session.

The image quality of a DSLR Photo Camera is all other IP Webcams for miles superior. Our Solar Camera (self-sufficient) Solar Outdoor Camera works with all mobile providers worldwide. You must clarify the availability of a mobile connection where your camera site is located. No SIM Lock

Solar powered Camera Canon EOS DSRL

Solar Construction Camera Cellular

Solar Construction Camera Cellular

Outdoor Solar Camera Archiv

Solar Camera Movie

Solar powered Camera

Construction Sites Webcam

Construction Site Webcam


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Solar powered Outdoor Webcam

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