Self - sufficient solar powered Camera

Solar powered Camera

All our solar photo cameras work with mobile 4G technology. The photos are directly transferred to your website via the 4G connection and we have remote access to the cameras.

The solar solution is adapted to the location and transmission times of the camera and is working everywhere in the world! Depending on the location, our solar module is calculated from 20 WP south (a lot of sun) to 100 WP north (little sun) for winter months (November to March in Switzerland).

We calculate everything for you, taking into consideration where the camera is going to be located and what kind of transmission is possible. Based on this, we’ll offer you the suitable system. We only need a Mobile 4G coverage on site and a SIM card provider.

Self - sufficient Camera Cellular 4G Website

Website Solar Camera Mobile 4G

Solar powered Camera Cellular 4 G

Solar Construction Camera Cellular

Solar Construction Camera Cellular

Time Lapse Chanel

Construction Site Timelapse Chanel

Construction Camera Time Lapse

Time Lapse Chanel

Construction Site Timelapse Chanel

Construction Site Camera Timelapse

Construction Camera Sietec Chanel

Solar powered Camera

Construction Site Webcam

Construction Camera


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